The Benefits of a Steam Clean Interior Detail

The Benefits of a Steam Clean Interior Detail

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Steam has quickly gained popularity as the one of the cleanest, efficient, and environmentally friendly methods of cleaning almost any surface. Its high temperature vapor quickly disinfects while cutting through grime, making it a great product around the house. However, many people don’t instantly associate steam cleaning with car detailing. Much what makes steam cleaning such an effective way to clean in your house also makes it one of the best methods to thoroughly and safely clean your car’s interior.  If you weren’t sure of the benefits of having your car’s interior steam cleaned, let’s review in some detail what steam cleaning offers.

Steam Cleaning Uses a Dry Vapor, So No Moisture Is Left Behind

Many of the traditional methods of cleaning a vehicle’s upholstery almost always leave the interior material wet from the use of liquid cleaners and water. Get the upholstery too wet and the moisture is absorbed into the foam cushioning underneath, therefore requiring a long time to dry out. Since wet fabric often conceals dirt or stains, unexpected marks may still be left behind from cleaning that only become visible once the fabric has fully dried several hours later. Additionally, you don’t want to get back into a car with wet carpet or fabric as soil from your shoes will only transfer back into the carpet quicker. With steam cleaning however, an almost completely dry vapor is utilized. The vehicle’s upholstery is effectively deep cleaned without ever becoming wet. No need to worry about waiting for your interior to dry out or moisture trapped in your car. This is also perfect for high end leathers and fabrics, such as Alcantara or suede, which are very delicate and should avoid wet cleaning.

Steam Cleaning Is Chemical Free

Steam cleaning simply only uses distilled water, which is boiled into a vapor. No chemicals necessary. While not all interior cleaners use harsh chemicals, some still do, while other cleaners are just not safe for all interior materials. The chemicals within the cleaners can also leave behind distinct odors and residues, which can be unpleasant and unhealthy for you and your passengers. Steam cleaning comes with the peace of mind that none of those chemicals will be left behind in order to get a deep clean.

Steam Cleaning Reaches Where Traditional Methods Can’t

A car’s interior is full of hard to reach areas that are almost impossible to effectively clean with simply a scrub brush or a towel. This is where steam cleaning becomes so effective in truly cleaning your interior. The pressurized hot vapor loosens and opens up the fibers of the upholstery, allowing the steam to fully reach the foundation of the stain, loosen the soil or residue, and eliminate the odors at the source. The thin steam nozzles make it easy to reach under seats, in cup-holders, around your console controls, and all the other cramped areas which are so difficult to reach with just a scrub brush or a towel. Those locations often become the source of odors due to the collection of dirt or liquid residues that build up there. The pressurized steam is also great for cleaning out a car’s HVAC vents, which can collect dust and allergens, lowering the air quality coming out through the system. It also becomes the perfect time to check your cabin filter to ensure it doesn’t need replacing, which is an often overlooked maintenance item.

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